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Nathan Jones

Mad Max: Fury Road
Rictus Erectus
Nathan Jones rose upon the World Strongman scene in 1995. At 6′ 11″ and 360 lbs., the giant Australian was known as “Megaman”. He is an Australian actor, powerlifting champion, strongman, and former WWE professional wrestler.

He has wrestled internationally from Japan to all over Europe, and joined WWE from 2001-2005. After retiring from wrestling, Nathan focused solely on his acting career. He has appeared in over 20 films, but best remembered for his performance in movies like “Troy” as Boagrius, starring Brad Pitt, to the acclaimed Australian film of the century, “Mad Max: Fury Road” as Rictus Erectus, his huge presence doesn’t go unnoticed. His other genres include popular martial arts flicks working next to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, and Michael Jai White, to Aussie horror flicks working with horror icons as well.

Bollywood has also called upon Nathan Jones to play lead roles in their fantasy and fighting films. His new recent role as a father has started an interest in attending pop culture events and making appearances to meet his endearing fans, while bringing his family along for the fun ride as well.

“No one comes to see an ant lift 7x its body weight, but people come from miles around to see an elephant lift half..lol and I love ants”

Mad Max: Fury Road – Rictus Erectus
WWE SmackDown! – Nathan Jones
Troy – Boagrius