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Kel McQueen

Slayer Studios
Coffs Harbour
Slayer studios began as Zombie Slayer SFX, doing SFX makeup casually for parties, events and photo shoots. We started branching out into prop making and cosplay. We then stared running awesome events and attractions and sponsoring local community events with extraction zones and awesome zombie make up! Getting invited to Oz Comic Con 2017 to do a workshop on the live Twitch stage was the highlight of 2017!
We decided that there was more we could do and we were ready to branch out into the world of production! So we became SLAYER STUDIOS! Now you can expect all the fun things we have been doing as Zombie Slayer SFX and more! including, movie production, actor hire, music production, cosplay, prop and builds, photography, makeup, model hire, attractions, events and event hire and more..
Here at Slayer Studios we have BIG plans! So stay tuned and we are super excited to have you follow our journey!